Istria is the largest Croatian peninsula, situated in northern Adriatic, close to Italy and Slovenia and, for many visitors, the closest Mediterranean destination. Istria is a region of exceptional natural beauties, priceless cultural and historical heritage and rich gastronomic offer.

Istria has a favorable geographical position and good traffic connection with the rest of Croatia and with European countries. The airport of Pula offers a large number of regular airlines and charter flights. Apart from the airport of Pula, in Istria there is also a smaller airport of Vrsar and – within a range of 150 km - the airports of Rijeka and Trieste. Istria can be reached by train from Zagreb or Ljubljana and by regular and seasonal shipping lines. However, most visitors come to Istria by car due to the fact that Istria has a great traffic connection with the closest European destinations.

From the standpoint of real estate sales, Istria is a very diverse market, specific against many parameters. The most popular type of properties are stone houses. Unlike the rest of the Croatian coast and islands, the buyers of real estate in Istria do not consider - in most cases - the view of the sea the determining factor in their selection. What matters here is the micro location, the beauty of the environment and quality of the property. Besides the stone houses in the interior of Istria, there is a high demand for quality apartments near the sea in the area of the cities of Rovinj and Poreč, where properties have the highest value. The buyers of real estate in Istria are buying properties for their own vacation or year-round residence, but quite often with the goal of later tourist renting of the property due to the fact that properties in Istria achieve very high cost of rent and accordingly, a relatively quick return on investment. Apart from the purchase of vacation properties, Istria is known as a great potential for development of projects and investments. Therefore, quality building plots for construction of residential and tourist projects, such as resorts and hotels, are in very high demand.

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